About Us

Alden Fine Print & Co. is a small print company that specialises in the reproduction of artwork on archival paper that will last many generations.

These high resolution prints (commonly referred to as giclée prints) are produced with the intention of capturing the colour, tone and overall ‘feel’ of an original work. It begins with a scan or professional photograph of your artwork, which you can choose to create, or I will arrange at your request.

For digital photographers I can offer the same printing process (on a vast array of archival papers) along with soft-proofing and printed proofs beyond the capabilities of standard C-Type prints.


Who is Company?

The company is comprised primarily of Callum Alden; a self-taught giclée print operator, engineer, photoshop whizz, coding hobbyist and occasional designer. One man, many roles. He’s the sole-trader who will handle your printing requirements from the get-go. Previously Callum was with a Leith based Print company. He’s now located in the Scottish Highlands.

Fine Print is what I do; fine art printing.

The & Co. refers to our many partners; our litho chappy, finishing house, fine art guild framers, our glazing company etc. All hand-picked as they excel in their various areas of expertise.

This is our company as it stands today.


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